Our Team

The Film Squad is a product of creativity needing an outlet. In 2014, Jeff wanted to build a company that could provide creative, marketable, and high quality content for businesses who wanted to progress through the mediums of photos and videos. There was a lot of strategy behind the name, as it needed to prove that the company could produce content for a wide variety of topics, while also emphasizing the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and communication. A big team that works well is bound to have seamless communication, which is the number one priority when talking to clients.

The company is fueled by four people, the core four, instead of the usual one or two heads of a company. Jeff never wanted the company to be all about him, but rather, a team of filmmakers who have the best synergy while working together – and that’s exactly what happens now. Jeff, Vicky, Khoa and Izzy are practically telepathic with one another and are all capable of taking on any type of project, which they think is the reason why they are able to produce content at such a rapid speed.

The Film Squad have a roster of creatives they can consistently call on for a multitude of projects, and are constantly expanding their network of clients in a wide variety of fields. The team make it an ongoing effort to hone each member’s abilities in order to help them achieve their own, personal dreams.

But that’s just a little piece of the big story behind The Film Squad. If you want to learn more, then reach out and ask us – we love telling stories, including our own!